water soluable cbdIf you want to find out more about CBD and the many benefits of it, this article will give you everything you need to know. Whether you want to treat a chronic condition or just take it to be healthier, CBD is the choice. More people are choosing to use CBD for ADHD, weight loss, epileptic seizures, and chronic pain. Because its water soluable, CBD is the perfect choice for many different reasons.

What is CBD
First, its important to find out what CBD is before you find out how to best use it to its fullest potential. CBD is one of the one hundred components that are found in the cannabis plant. When extracted, it can be used in several different ways to affect the body in a positive manner. Most people assume that CBD or anything having to do with the cannabis plant will give them a high or put them in a hallucinating state that may jeopardize them, depending on what they are doing when the consume it. That’s not going to happen with CBD because CBD doesn’t have that effect on people. It’s the other components of the plant that can cause that, not CBD.

CBD Tinctures and Pure Oils
If you tried CBD oil alone, you will most likely taste bitter because it is. That is why its too difficult to use CBD oil orally. If you are using the pure CBD oil, you are going to want to use one of the options below in order to consume it and get the benefits of it. You may choose to add it to your food, you may choose to smoke it or vape it in order to get the CBD oil into the body in order to relieve the symptoms you may be experiencing due to a chronic condition such as acne, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety. You may want to add CBD oil to your tea if you would like a simple way to remain calm during the evenings or to just sip on as you are working. There are so many possibilities to using CBD oils and tinctures and you can get as creative as you want. Many people will enjoy experimenting with foods that they can prepare that will have the oils in them in order to benefit more than just themselves but others who may be suffering from a chronic condition too.

water soluable cbdWays to Consume CBD
As mentioned above, there are different ways that you can consume this oil. Below you will find a few of the most important ways to consume it, depending on your preference. When consuming CBD oil for the first time, you want to use it in moderation in order to prevent ingesting too much. You will want to start out with the minimal amounts and build up. Allow the oils time to take effect depending on how you consume it. You may be waiting anywhere from a few minutes to four hours.

Inhaling CBD
Inhaling the CBD oil is the fastest way to get it into your system and feel the effects because the oil will go directly into the lungs and then into the blood stream. You can inhale CBD in two different ways;

  • Smoking
  • Vaping

Smoking cannabidiol concentrate can be done using a pipe. To do this, you will need to heat up the chamber that the CBD oil goes into. Then put the oil onto the nail with the CBD oil dabber. This will produce the smoke that you can inhale directly into the lungs. You can use a search engine to show you how to put together the pipe if needed. You can also roll a joint to smoke the marijuana to get the CBD however if you choose this method, you will also be consuming the part of the plant that gives the feeling of being high.

CBD Oil Smoking Pros-

  • It is easy to manage the amount you consume
  • CBD oil that is smoked is the highest form of concentration to consume

water soluable cbdCBD Oil Smoking Cons –

  • Can be hard on both your lungs and your throat
  • Must have the equipment to smoke it
  • The concentrated amounts may be more than what the individual wants/needs

Using a vaporizer pen, you can vape CBD oil. If you haven’t experienced vaping before, you will have a few things to purchase up front. You may want to consider a vapor starting kit that you can purchase most anywhere CBD is sold. Vaping is a great way to smoke the CBD oil with less of a hassle.

Vaping CBD Oil Pros –

  • You can control the amount you inhale
  • The smoke won’t agitate the throat and lungs
  • Because it is highly concentrated, the effects are maximum

Vaping CBD Oil Cons –

  • Requires the purchase of a vape pen
  • The concentration may be too much

cbd for adhdTopical CBD Oil
You may want to try the topical form of CBD if you are struggling with the smoking concept. With the topical CBD oil, you simply place it on the skin and rub it in like an ointment or lotion. Its creamy so it will go on smooth and make your skin feel better as well. This method of CBD oil consumption is probably the easiest because there is less of a mess, no special tools to buy, and the results are good. Using the lotion will help with sore muscle and body aches or you can rub it on the temples in order to relieve headache pressure.

Topical CBD Oil Pros-

  • It’s easy to use
  • Don’t need extra tools
  • Good for relieving sore muscles
  • Has mild effects

Topical CBD Oil Cons-

  • The effects don’t last long
  • You may need to add more in order to feel the actual effects

Using CBD Oil Tincture
Another way to consume CBD oil is through a tincture that can be placed under the tongue. With this method, you will add a few drops underneath the tongue by the dropper that is included in the bottle. Hold it under your tongue and inside the mouth for a total of thirty seconds and then you can swallow. With this method, it is direct and effective. You almost immediately feel calm.

CBD Oil Tincture Pros-

  • It’s discreet so no one knows you are consuming it.
  • It’s easy to control the dosage because of the dropper inside the bottle
  • It’s long lasting
  • Effects are long lasting

CBD Oil Tincture Cons-

  • Results will vary on each person
  • Oil may take longer to go into effect
  • Some CBD oil tinctures will contain alcohol. Look for those concentrated with vegetable glycerin

cbd for adhdCBD Oil Edibles
Then there are the edible versions to choose from. When you add CBD oil to your food, it is not only an easy way to consume CBD but you have control. When you add CBD oil to food, you can get creative and make the lollipops or the gummy bears like what you find in the store. You can purchase or make your own, depending on your skill set in the kitchen. You can also add it to butter or even pastas if you choose. Its always important to measure so you know how much you are adding to your food before you add it. Remember that when you consume CBD through food, it can take between two and four hours before you start feeling the effects of it. This is the reason why people sometimes consume too much of it. The best way to handle this would be to eat the food with the right dose, wait four hours and if you don’t feel better, then consume more by eating more.

CBD Oil Edible Pros-

  • You can add it to any food you like
  • Results are long lasting
  • Very discreet because it doesn’t have a taste

CBD Oil Edible Cons-

  • It can take up to four hours before the effects kick in
  • It is hard to get the right dose in so you would need to experiment some to get the dosage right.

CBD oils are not right for everyone. If you start to feel worse after taking it, speak to your doctor or adjust your dosage so you are not consuming as much as before. Be sure to use this in moderation.


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